06 Oktober 2011

Movie scores composer :)

Imagine you're watching Titanic without "my heart will go on" , Casablanca without "as time goes by" or perhaps Toy story without "you've got a friend in me"... It would be plain pictures, don't you think?

well,I'm about to share a lil bit about movie-scoring (the composer is mainly the subject in this article)

These are some of my top list movie scoring composer :

Ennio Morricone - I often called him "an Italian magic composer" .. You should listen to his works in "Nuovo cinema paradiso" and "the legend of 1900".. Marvelous films by the way :)

John williams

Alan Silvestri

Dave Grusin - this american composer also known as GRP co-founder (it's a label for jazz record most of the times) . He and his beautiful mind had created the most beautiful and notable score for the movie like "Tootsie", "The champ", and "heaven can wait"

(to be continued........)

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  1. nice share sis....Enrico eh,Ennio Morricone (susah amir namanye) is a man that i greatly admire,tanpa beliau,film The Good,The Bad,and the Ugly takkan menjadi salah 1 film yng fenomenal,alunan song background buatannya benar2 magnum opus dah,bravo3x

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